Amino Apps are now on Android!

Amino Apps by Narvii Inc., are social and community apps for a certain topic. They have an app dedicated for Anime, Video Games, K-pop, Minecraft, Doctor Who and many more. Check out their website for more!

I’ve been an Amino app user since 2013, specifically the Anime Amino. Amino Apps was first introduced on the iOS, for years, they now decided to have it on Android. Yay!

Screenshot_2015-03-03-09-09-43Anime Amino, a community app dedicated for Anime, Manga and Cosplay. Since the last time I used this app, it was not like this. I’ve been using an old iPhone 3G that time. The look are very different. They now have chats. Even Public chats!

You can now have chat with your friends in Amino or chat with other people around the world using the app.






The News Feed, like in Facebook, you will see all the post from Popular, to latest and from your friends.

Browse each post or anything that interest you and communicate with fellow anime lovers!

You can also share a post to some social sites!






Your timeline shows your albums and your latest blogs.

Create your albums, write a blog and spread your love of Anime!








Screenshot_2015-03-02-21-02-22Your profile shows your information, your followers, your profile commenters and the other Amino Apps you use.

Download other Amino Apps which your interest and communicate with people with the same interest as yours!






Browse Amino Apps:

Anime Amino:

Follow me on Anime Amino: Ayaβ™₯Youya


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