Durarara!!x2 Shou – Episode 8

On this week’s episode, not much action but more on revelations and again… twisted events. πŸ˜„

After learning, it was Izaya who used Akane to kill Shizuo, what else would Shizuo do? *Insert some fan girl dreams here.*

It was cool to see Shizuo holding his temper, well because, he’s infront of a child.

Darararax2 Shou 08.mkv_snapshot_18.55_[2015.03.04_20.18.15]On the other side, Mikado was rather pushed in a pinch with some fellow Dollars and Blue Squares. It’s true, some good guys, might be actually bad guys.

Darararax2 Shou 08.mkv_snapshot_22.05_[2015.03.04_20.14.03]

And, some bad guys who could be actually good guys.

Lastly, who could be the triggerer of it all? πŸ˜€

Let’s see what will happen next week. More Shizaya!


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