Stronger Yona than Ever

In this week’s episode of Akatsuki no Yona, you will see a stronger Yona than the previous she was. She has a good development. Encouraging fellow victims and believing on her comrades.

Akatsuki no Yona 21.mkv_snapshot_04.44_[2015.03.04_20.37.19]Akatsuki no Yona 21.mkv_snapshot_04.43_[2015.03.04_20.37.18]Akatsuki no Yona 21.mkv_snapshot_09.13_[2015.03.04_20.42.48]Akatsuki no Yona 21.mkv_snapshot_10.26_[2015.03.04_20.44.02]Akatsuki no Yona 21.mkv_snapshot_12.00_[2015.03.04_20.45.36]Akatsuki no Yona 21.mkv_snapshot_21.09_[2015.03.04_20.54.59]Akatsuki no Yona 21.mkv_snapshot_20.59_[2015.03.04_20.54.50]Akatsuki no Yona 21.mkv_snapshot_19.06_[2015.03.04_20.52.54]Akatsuki no Yona 21.mkv_snapshot_21.37_[2015.03.04_20.56.05]Akatsuki no Yona 21.mkv_snapshot_21.49_[2015.03.04_20.56.17]

Red hair, blazing eyes, just the Yona you need to fight of Yang Kum-Ji. Oh, don’t forget that dazzling eyes of Shin-ah (Sinha in Anime). And that cute Yoon. XD

This arc is one of the strongest arcs in Akatsuki no Yona, as you can see, a big development on her, gaining the third dragon, Ryokuryuu, and showing some archery she learned from Hak.

What else can this Anime show, but it was already determined to be 24 episode. Just 3 more left. Will we see a second season? Are you also hoping? I’m sure am.


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