Tokyo Ghoul √A Episode 9: City in Waiting

This week in Tokyo Ghoul √A, feels. Just Feels.

CCG started to raid Anteiku without the others in Anteiku knowing about the raid.

Let’s have a quick look through this episode.

Tokyo Ghoul S2 09.mkv_snapshot_05.41_[2015.03.07_19.20.24]

Dem, Amon! Why did you stopped her?! XD

Tokyo Ghoul S2 09.mkv_snapshot_06.11_[2015.03.07_19.59.10]

It’s time to make their last words. Of course, no one wants to die.

Tokyo Ghoul S2 09.mkv_snapshot_06.45_[2015.03.07_19.24.16]

While gazing at Suzuya’s paper plane, Kaneki saw the news about CCG raiding the Anteiku.

Tokyo Ghoul S2 09.mkv_snapshot_10.05_[2015.03.07_19.58.37]

The Devil Apes and the Black Dogs, Koma and Irimi, protecting their home.

Tokyo Ghoul S2 09.mkv_snapshot_13.56_[2015.03.07_20.02.52]

Oh no. I like his character tho. 😦

Tokyo Ghoul S2 09.mkv_snapshot_16.02_[2015.03.07_20.05.07]

Touka, just don’t go. But she did go.

Tokyo Ghoul S2 09.mkv_snapshot_19.11_[2015.03.07_20.08.26]

Dem, Nishiki! Just go over it! Don’t add more feels okay! XD

Tokyo Ghoul S2 09.mkv_snapshot_22.37_[2015.03.07_20.12.02]

Lastly, what would Kaneki do to save Anteiku?

The whole episode have lots of feels. I love Anteiku. It’s a home for ghouls who blends in the society.

Let’s wait for the next episode for the result of this battle.


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