Japan’s Loyal Dog Hachiko: New Statue with His Owner Now Open to Public

Hachiko is an Akita Inu known for being loyal for his master, Hidesaburo Ueno, a professor of agricultural engineering at the University of Tokyo for more than 20 years.

The original statue stands infront of the Shibuya Station where he waited for his master to come home everyday.

Hachiko and his owner

Photo Credits: Rocket News 24

If you want to see the happy Hachiko, go to the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences/Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Tokyo. You’ll see immediately the statue when you enter the premises.

I’m really touched about Hachiko’s story. I, a dog lover, he has melted my heart for knowing such loyal dog. Well, my dog is such a baby.

For dog owners, rather pet owners out there, love your pets, for they are loyal to their masters. ^_^

See Rocket News 24 video here:


Rocket News Post: Click Here.


5 thoughts on “Japan’s Loyal Dog Hachiko: New Statue with His Owner Now Open to Public

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