Fiercest Yona

This week episode of Akatsuki no Yona, you’ll see the strongest of her in the anime. She helped the Pirates to stop Yang Kumji of his illegal trades and an unexpected meeting.

Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_03.13_[2015.03.12_19.45.58]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_15.04_[2015.03.12_19.26.17]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_15.26_[2015.03.12_19.26.48]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_16.36_[2015.03.12_19.27.59]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_16.44_[2015.03.12_19.28.07]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_17.47_[2015.03.12_19.29.09]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_17.58_[2015.03.12_19.29.21]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_18.01_[2015.03.12_19.29.25]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_18.05_[2015.03.12_19.29.28]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_20.00_[2015.03.12_19.31.23]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_20.09_[2015.03.12_19.31.32]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_21.44_[2015.03.12_19.33.54]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_21.45_[2015.03.12_19.33.55]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_21.49_[2015.03.12_19.34.00]Akatsuki no Yona 22.mkv_snapshot_21.53_[2015.03.12_19.34.05]

The dragons joined together, and fought over all Yang Kumji’s mercenaries. On the other hand, Yang Kumji tried to escaped but got shot by Yona and fell into the sea.

The pirates won over Yang Kumji, and the girls are freed. They had a party afterwards.

Yona wandered too much and unexpectedly met with Soo Won. Will she do something right away to avenge her father?Β What lies ahead of the two?

Only one dragon left, and this anime is about to end. If you’re interested on knowing more, read the manga. πŸ˜‰


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