Connecting Lives with Durarara!!

Why do I skip episodes in reviewing an anime? I just make a review or a summary on an episode that gave me a hype. 😀

Anyway, latest episode of Durarara!!x2 Shou, showed Akane’s life.

Such life, she’s not bullied but feared. She’s not feared because she’s a fearsome person but rather her family background. Of course, who wouldn’t want a normal life!

Darararax2 Shou 10.mkv_snapshot_03.50_[2015.03.18_19.42.55]Such Innocent Akane. She doesn’t like bullying but some friends.

Darararax2 Shou 10.mkv_snapshot_05.03_[2015.03.18_19.44.08]Learning the truth is quite harsh. But it was her family. She was befriended because she was feared.

Darararax2 Shou 10.mkv_snapshot_06.05_[2015.03.18_19.45.10]Who wouldn’t want to be happy with anyone else? Akane just want friends. I feel her tho’.

Darararax2 Shou 10.mkv_snapshot_07.06_[2015.03.18_19.47.19]Honestly, I mistaken this as Doogie. Sorry, bad eyes. XD

Darararax2 Shou 10.mkv_snapshot_08.25_[2015.03.18_19.48.39]After looking for some comfort, who just she found?

Darararax2 Shou 10.mkv_snapshot_08.34_[2015.03.18_19.48.50]Oh Yeah! Samumenco! Too many Anime cameos.

Darararax2 Shou 10.mkv_snapshot_09.14_[2015.03.18_19.49.32]This Izaya is making bad images of Shizuo to Akane.

Darararax2 Shou 10.mkv_snapshot_09.31_[2015.03.18_19.50.13]After a headless horse carriage being too flashy, a black van driven by the carriage. XD

Darararax2 Shou 10.mkv_snapshot_20.47_[2015.03.18_20.06.17]Who else are they gonna go back on?

Darararax2 Shou 10.mkv_snapshot_21.10_[2015.03.18_20.03.57]The friend of Anri’s friend which is Chikage’s girlfriend. :O

Darararax2 Shou 10.mkv_snapshot_21.50_[2015.03.18_20.06.26]Then, Vorona’s chasing Mikado?

Simply, Durarara!! is the life of Ikebukuro. XD


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