[Dailies] Seiyuu: Yuki Kaji


© Yuki Kaji


I’m so fangirling right now. >///<

You probably know him. 😄

It’s Yuki Kaji! He’s the voice behind some of the very notable characters. He is well known for characters starting as an average and soon developed a strong personalities.

Here some of his voiced characters:

  1. Eren Jaeger – Shingeki no Kyojin
  2. Shu Ouma – Guilty Crown
  3. Haruyuki Arita – Accel World
  4. Kou Mabuchi – Ao Haru Ride
  5. Osamu Mikumo – World Trigger
  6. Finnian – Kuroshitsuji
  7. Shion – No.6
  8. Yukine – Noragami
  9. Issei Hyoudou – Highschool DxD
  10. Alibaba Saluja – Magi

And a lot more. He also done voicing some VOMICs and game characters. He is also a singer singing some songs for his voiced characters as well as anime theme songs.

Do you follow some of his voiced characters? 😉


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