[Dailies] Music: Kitsi

Well, my daily dose of music is not all about song recommendations but it also includes artists. 😀
Rather a professional artist/singer, I come up with an utaite, a Filipina Utaite.
She is my most favorite Filipina Utaite. She has a sweet voice. She is known for covering songs from supercell and Yanagi Nagi. She also translated songs into Filipino and sung them.

The video above is when she was in AFASG 2014. She sung Tokohona of Yanagi Nagi, the ending theme for the anime Black Bullet.

Another thing about her is that, she is a huge fan of Yanagi Nagi to the point that she did went to AFASG 2014, where Yanagi Nagi was a guest.

Check more about her:

P.S. She maybe a huge fan of Nagi, but I’m a huge fan of her. Shhh. Don’t tell her. 😀



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