[Dailies] Character: Nice

Do you know Hamatora?
Did you watched it?
Who is your favorite Minimum user?
What is your most favorite Minimum?

Re-Hamatora 12.mkv_snapshot_22.09_[2014.09.26_20.22.18]

My favorite Minimum user is Nice. Basically, it’s just all him.

Hamatora 04.mkv_snapshot_16.47_[2014.01.31_21.02.44]

HisΒ is a carefree but a genius. He is the top graduate of the Facultas Academy, the Academy for Minimum Holders.

Hamatora 03.mkv_snapshot_21.10_[2014.01.25_20.11.14]

He has the Sonic Minimum, which able him to manipulate sounds.

Well, I also like Honey’s and Art’s minimum. XD


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