Kuroko no Basket: We No Longer

It’s sad to see that the Generation of Miracles are falling one by one.
Because of how powerful and unstoppable they are, winning is the only option.

KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_01.49_[2015.04.19_18.06.05]KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_01.51_[2015.04.19_18.05.57]KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_01.56_[2015.04.19_18.35.42]KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_01.59_[2015.04.19_18.06.15]KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_02.02_[2015.04.19_18.06.18]

They’re not what they used to be. 😦

KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_15.36_[2015.04.19_18.21.20]

Akashi’s “other” personality or the Emperor’s Eye. It’s like the split personality or the dissociative identity disorder. Winning is the only choice for him.

KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_18.03_[2015.04.19_18.24.06]

They no longer see each other. In fact, there’s no more team play anymore. They’re just solo players in a basketball team.

KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_20.56_[2015.04.19_18.30.02] KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_20.51_[2015.04.19_18.29.57]KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_20.53_[2015.04.19_18.29.59] KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_20.55_[2015.04.19_18.30.00]

They’re really great and amazing, but…

KnB S3 15.mkv_snapshot_21.50_[2015.04.19_18.30.56]

Poor Tetsu. 😥

Still, I’m wondering why did his friend quitted basketball.


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