[Dailies] Manga: Samurai Drive


© Samurai Drive / Fujiko Kosumi


In modern-day Japan, only the direct descendants of samurais are allowed to carry swords. In the city, rumors have been spreading of Shiroyasha, a mysterious swordsman who has been attacking other swordsmen, attracting many skilled swordsmen to the city. On his way home, Ibuki witnesses a fight that involved one of his classmate, Kokonoe, who is the strongest swordsman at his school. Intrigued by his swordsmanship and skill, Ibuki intends to find out more about this mysterious student… (Source: MyAnimeList.net)

I like this manga because I also like Samurai and Swords, specially this was set in modern day Japan that makes it more interesting. I also like the characters. Not to mention the main protagonist Haruma. He’s so adorable. kyaaaa!!!

The only thing left for this is, an anime adaptation. XD


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