Kuroko no Basket: What is Victory?

As for this episode, the last part of the back story of Kuroko during his Teiko days. This where we will know why did his friends Ogiwara-kun quit basketball.

We know that in Teiko, since the Generation of Miracles, they where no longer what they are. They already forgotten the reason they are playing basketball.

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_02.16_[2015.04.26_20.29.02]Β KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_03.02_[2015.04.26_20.31.22]

Looking on Teiko for so long, it’s a heart-breaking feeling to have them go that way.

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_03.23_[2015.04.26_20.31.10]

They have goneΒ so far.

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_06.21_[2015.04.26_20.35.48]

But Seirin is different, even if they’re a new team. A team that works together is still better.

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_10.34_[2015.04.26_20.41.10] KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_10.13_[2015.04.26_20.40.49]

Would it change when talking to Akashi?

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_13.32_[2015.04.26_20.44.28]

But it wasn’t. It was on purpose.

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_13.51_[2015.04.26_20.45.01] KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_14.01_[2015.04.26_20.45.11]

It’s already too late for them.Β Was it?

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_15.39_[2015.04.26_20.47.31]

Should he quit? It’s like he is running away.

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_17.50_[2015.04.26_20.50.47]

But his friend never wants that. Move forward and make a change.

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_18.01_[2015.04.26_20.50.58] KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_18.36_[2015.04.26_20.51.32]

It is the last year for them. The Generation of Miracles will all go part their ways. What could happen?

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_20.04_[2015.04.26_20.53.13]

Kagami is right, don’t be a worry-wart.

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_20.53_[2015.04.26_20.54.23]

But don’t make the spotlight only for your own, Kagami. XD

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_21.06_[2015.04.26_20.54.35]

A smiling Kuroko is better. O///O

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_23.47_[2015.04.26_20.56.36]

So, it will now be Seirin vs. Rakuzan. πŸ˜€

KnB S3 16.mkv_snapshot_24.08_[2015.04.26_20.56.57]

Middle Schooler Midorima is β™₯.


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