[Dailies] Character: Jiki

If you have watched Karneval, maybe you less him notice though he is an essential character to the main characters.

Karneval 10.mkv_snapshot_20.07_[2013.06.10_20.11.42]

Jiki-kun is a fighter of the Circus’ 1st Ship.
He likes collecting plants.
Sometimes he acts cold, says harsh words, but he’s a good guy.


Well, he likes Tsukumo. XD

tumblr_moc42dBfI91qh838mo3_250At some point, what I don’t like about him, is that he doesn’t like Gareki. Ohh please no one should hate Gareki.
But, I do still like Jiki-kun. Kyaaaaaa!!!


He’s just so cool.
Well, I like everyone on the 1st and 2nd Circus ships. XD


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