[Dailies] Games: Unchained Blades

One of the few games I played on PSP, Unchained Blades, a Japanese RPG you’ll probably like.

Unchained Blades, also UnchainedBlades RexX in Japan, is a dungeon crawler rpg made for PSP and Nintendo DS, a sequel was made titled, Unchained Blades Exiv.

© Unchained Blades / Xseed Games / FuRyu


In a world inhabited by mythical beings, where colossal labyrinths called Titans tower over the land, there’s a legend that any being who can approach the Goddess Clunea high in the sky shall have a single wish granted. A powerful and self-absorbed dragon named Fang aims for those heights to meet with the Goddess and learn the name of the strongest monster in the world. His drive to find and kill this ultimate opponent and firmly establish himself as the dominant monster of the land is mighty enough to entreat the gods, but his boldness is also his undoing. Disdainful and disrespectful to the Goddess, she strips him of his dragon form and banishes him to the surface. Bereft of the power he once wielded as the Dragon Emperor, Fang must now adjust to surviving in a far weaker body as he navigates the dangerous mazes of halls in his quest for revenge upon the creator herself. (Source: Official Website)

Unchained Blades was one of the few games I played on my PSP. Since, I’m originally an mmo player, even on portable devices like PSP, I only find games somewhat like the games I used to play on my PC.

This game took a lot of my time and I almost forgot to play on my pc and sometimes even watch Anime (noooo!!!). But what I liked about this games is the art. The characters are beautifully made like what you see in an Anime. The game is quite long but if you spend hours and days on this, you’ll probably finish it right away. I also like the characters specially Fang (though you can change the name), is a dragon stronger than anyone but due to his stubbornness, he is still looking for someone to fight to prove his strength, thus the Goddess Clunea granted his wish in an unexpected way.

For the gameplay, since I’m so lazy to craft and craft things, I find it hard on my side. In online games, I used to buy or expect on drops only. But here, it’s either ways. And all the dungeons (the Titans) I have to go through. Seriously, I’m a lazy gamer. 😀

What I don’t like about this game is, since, I’m an mmo player, I’m still looking the very aspect of an mmorpg, I know playing it with other players is not possible, since the game is not created for that. What I mean is, the 3D graphics where I can see my character(s) run throughout the map like the other rpgs I played (Persona 3 Portable, Black Rock Shooter The Game).

But all in all, I enjoyed it! You may try it. 😉


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