[Dailies] Characters: Circus Second Ship

I’ve posted already about other characters of Karneval and the anime itself. This time, I’ll post about the second ship of Circus.

Hirato.full.1666333First, the captain of Circus second ship, Hirato. Kyaaaa!!!

Voiced by Daisuke Ono (Erwin from Shingeki no Kyojin, Midorima from Kuroko no Basket).

Hirato, is shown to be a polite man who doesn’t seem to take his work seriously. He likes teasing Akari and his subordinates. He has a half-brother named, Tokitatsu (not shown in anime).


Next is Iva. The Second ship’s Lieutenant.

Voiced by Yoko Honna (Nagisa from Futari wa Precure).

Iva is an older sister figure to the second ship. She acts rough when with men but soft when with women.

Karneval.full.1484653Yogi, is a second ship fighter.

Voice by Mamoru Miyano. (Tokiya from UtaPri, Light from Death Note)

Yogi is shown to be a cheerful person but easily gets worried when Gareki insults him. Yogi is known to be Nyanperona, the mascot of Circus.

Yogi is revealed to be a Post-Human, that’s why whenever his patch is removed he turned into a different Yogi, known to be the Silver Prince.

tumblr_mmwddxwUHG1repi96o2_500Lastly, Tsukumo. Also a second ship fighter.

Voiced by Aya Endou (Arisa from Guilty Crown, Matsu from Sekirei).

Tsukumo is known to be the level-head among all the circus ship members. She cares for Gareki and Nai so much acting to be an elder sister for them.

She came from an upper-class family (shown in the manga) where she met Hirato. It was hinted that she may possessed feelings for him.

Bonus: Other Residents of Circus Second Ship

Karneval - 04 - Large 13


Karneval - 03 - Large 29


[AnimeOut] Karneval - 08 [720p][Anime-Koi][Nachi].mkv_snapshot_07.53_[2013.05.25_21.24.06]



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