Kuroko no Basket: Isn’t It the Best?

Last week, the battle between Seirin vs Rakuzan already started. Kagami made a shocking impression to Rakuzan, but will it cause something to them? Or may be something else?

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_03.46_[2015.05.10_20.22.00] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_03.55_[2015.05.10_20.22.09]

So early in the game, Kuroko got benched. XD

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_04.22_[2015.05.10_20.22.36] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_04.26_[2015.05.10_20.22.41]

But Kagami continues to amaze their opponent.

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_05.55_[2015.05.10_20.24.20]

But how of Akashi? ZONE vs. the Emperor Eye.

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_06.14_[2015.05.10_20.24.48] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_06.36_[2015.05.10_20.25.10]

Kagami did manage to get through but, he still missed the shot.

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_08.40_[2015.05.10_20.27.22] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_08.56_[2015.05.10_20.27.53]

It is not because Akashi has the Emperor Eye but it is because someone like Akashi has the Emperor Eye. Even Izuki-senpai got it missed.

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_09.42_[2015.05.10_20.28.39] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_10.36_[2015.05.11_14.55.07]

But great teammates are better than anything else. Go Mitobe-senpai! XD

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_12.52_[2015.05.10_20.32.30]

Someone with the same wild feeling as Kagami?

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_13.01_[2015.05.10_20.32.48] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_13.02_[2015.05.10_20.32.50]KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_14.16_[2015.05.10_20.34.14] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_14.21_[2015.05.10_20.34.20]

Many of us already know what is happening on this part. This really makes me worried. But it still gives me the motivation to watch it since I really don’t know what exactly happened except for a few spoilers.

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_15.30_[2015.05.10_20.35.54] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_15.34_[2015.05.10_20.35.58]KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_15.39_[2015.05.10_20.36.03] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_15.45_[2015.05.10_20.36.10]

Whatever he does, it’s not anymore working. That’s why Akashi, never intended to have Kuroko any other abilities other than his phantom abilities.

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_18.00_[2015.05.10_20.38.59]

As Kuroko started to lose his phantom abilities,Β how will this affect Seirin? Losing their shadow. Kuroko may have gone on the wrong choice to find other ways dealing with their opponents.

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_20.04_[2015.05.10_20.41.07] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_20.47_[2015.05.10_20.41.50]KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_21.35_[2015.05.10_20.42.47] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_21.38_[2015.05.10_20.42.50]KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_21.40_[2015.05.10_20.42.52] KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_22.19_[2015.05.10_20.43.39]

Chihiro Mayuzumi, the new model of a Phantom Sixth Man. How will Seirin face him and the whole Rakuzan?

At this point I’m not anymore spoiled, but if I can’t wait for the next episode, I will spoil myself. XD
For now, I hope Seirin, specially Kuroko, will make a comeback, even though he already lost his ability to be a shadow.
A-a-and Mayuzumi-senpai! Kyaaaa!!!Β I’m always waiting for them to show him. O///O

Bonus: End Card

KnB S3 18.mkv_snapshot_24.09_[2015.05.10_20.44.22]


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