Got a Package from Japan!

It’s not actually a package like someone sent it to me, rather I bought it. Guess what it is? It’s a manga and cd single from an anime currently airing this season. 😀


The CD was a limited pressing of X.U. / scaPEGoat, the theme songs of Owari no Seraph.

And the manga was the vol. 8 of the same anime. I thought I might try reading raw Japanese manga once in a while to enhance my Japanese learning.

Actually, I received this a week ago. But I think I should still share it to you.

This is the second time I bought something from Japan (the first one is &Z). I bought it via cdjapan.

The total amount I spent is just 1/5 of my monthly salary.

As you notice, the first one I bought way back in February was &Z by the same artist, Hiroyuki Sawano. Yes, I’m a fan of him. I like his compositions and not only that, but also the anime that he got worked with.

Do you also like his compositions? Do you also buy merchs from Japan? Share it! 😀

And don’t forget to support our favorite Japanese Artist and Anime!


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