Arslan Senki Episode 10: The Lord and Master of Kashan Fortress

I’m not able to blog the past few episodes because I’m quite busy since I came back from my vacation but still coping with my daily doses. I think I’m starting again to fill up my summaries and reviews for these anime. XD

This week on Arslan Senki, Arslan is about to learn from his people and the slaves. Upon moving to Kashan, who will Arslan expect to meet? An ally or a foe?

Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_01.31_[2015.06.08_20.13.12] Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_01.00_[2015.06.08_20.12.15]Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_04.25_[2015.06.08_20.27.08] Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_04.57_[2015.06.08_20.27.41]

As usual, Narsus helped in deciding Arslan’s moves. But what of this time?

Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_06.36_[2015.06.08_20.29.38] Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_07.58_[2015.06.08_20.33.35]

As Hodir and Arslan spoke to each other, Narsus stayed silent. Even though Hodir’s words seems not true to itself. What is Hodir aiming for our young prince? This is rather a test on how Arslan will handle these stuffs.

Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_09.57_[2015.06.08_20.35.33] Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_10.25_[2015.06.08_20.36.14]Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_10.39_[2015.06.08_20.36.35] Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_11.27_[2015.06.08_20.37.28]

Hodir isolated Arslan from the others and talked to him privately. And Arslan made his way to his companions, though he was thought to be someone sneaking on their window. XD

Proposing Hodir’s daughter to be Arslan’s queen and disagreeing to abolish the slavery. It was rather a good decision for this righteous prince but not for a Pars who go the tradition. Was it really okay to free the slaves?

Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_14.14_[2015.06.08_20.41.01] Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_14.28_[2015.06.08_20.41.15]Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_16.13_[2015.06.08_20.43.00] Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_16.54_[2015.06.08_20.43.40]

Hodir, using force to win the prince, but Arslan prefer his loyal companions that would not make such assessments.

Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_18.39_[2015.06.08_20.45.26] Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_18.53_[2015.06.08_20.45.39]

Using force does met his end. The happenings on this episode happened fast. :O

Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_19.44_[2015.06.08_20.46.37] Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_20.16_[2015.06.08_20.47.10]

Freeing the slaves after Hodir died, but the result is not what Arslan expected. Instead of rejoicing, he was treated as if he is some killer. Is freeing the slaves a great move for the Pars? I do think it is, but I think the way it was done in this episode is not right. What will happen to the slaves when their master is gone? Slaves for the Lusitania I guess?

Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_20.47_[2015.06.08_20.47.41] Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_21.44_[2015.06.08_20.48.39]Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_22.01_[2015.06.08_20.48.56] Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_22.13_[2015.06.08_20.49.09]

Narsus was right, freeing the slaves is not always the best solution but it is also not wrong. Just Arslan should still go the road he wants to follow. Right for a righteous prince. I just wished, the issue with the slaves on this episode was done in a different way. He might have enlightened them.

Arslan have yet to save his kingdom, and trying to abolish the tradition of Pars of the slaves. He is still a learning prince but going on a better way for his kingdom. And, what it is about the former King Osroes V and Arslan? :O

Bonus: End Card

Arslan Senki 10.mp4_snapshot_25.00_[2015.06.08_20.50.35]


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