[Dailies] Characters: Circus 1st Ship

Remember when I featured the Circus 2nd ship? Now it’s time for the first ship! Yay!

Position: First Ship Captain
Seiyuu: Kōji YusaHe’s an optimist and an opportunist who worries little about the details. Though he seems easygoing at first, he has a deep understanding of his surroundings, making one question if his chipper attitude is a facade.
Jiki (I have featured him before here.)
Position: Fighter
Seiyuu: Yuuchi NakamuraHe appears soft-spoken and good-natured, especially when with people who are unfamiliar or are ordinary. However, when with people who are familiar or strange, he would accidentally make snide remarks. Rather, his making these comments seem more truthful than accidental.
Position: Fighter
Seiyuu: Eri KitamuraShe is a proud perfectionist, but there seems to be occasions when she is inattentive to the details. Being strong-willed and possessing a hatred for losing, she does well in battle, and completes her missions well. She deals with situations in a calm and composed manner, and is seen to have much potential as a Circus member. Kiichi is often displayed to be blunt with her words, choosing logic over emotions when accomplishing her missions, and choosing to missions over the lives of fallen comrades. She can sometimes have a bit of an attitude, making her seem very rude and self-serving.

(Source: wikia.net)


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