Owari no Seraph Episode 11: Childhood Reunion

I have not been able to blog about ONS in the past few weeks, and I already stated my reason on my Arslan Senki Episode 10 post.

For a recap, last time on Owari no Seraph, Yuu-chan and his team reached Shinjuku. Gets into battle against the vampires and unexpectedly meeting his childhood friend and brother, Mika. This is my most awaited part of the series, since this will show the “non-human” part Ashuramaru mentioned to Yuu-chan and of course the much awaited reunion of Yuu-chan and Mika.

Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_01.42_[2015.06.16_20.33.53] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_01.43_[2015.06.16_20.33.54] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_01.50_[2015.06.16_20.34.01] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_01.52_[2015.06.16_20.34.02] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_01.55_[2015.06.16_20.34.06]
Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_02.35_[2015.06.16_20.34.45] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_03.05_[2015.06.16_20.35.15] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_03.19_[2015.06.16_20.35.29] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_03.21_[2015.06.16_20.35.31] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_03.24_[2015.06.16_20.35.35]

During the battle between Guren and Mika, Yuu-chan and his team reached the area where Guren was to assist against the vampires. Having Guren in a near defeat position, Yuu-chan hurried to help him stabbing Mika. Not in his knowledge that Guren’s opponent is his family, Mika. Unable to finish him off.

Emotional Yuu, confirming Mika indeed his brother and knowing he is now a vampire. A being that he hates and killed his family.

Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_03.38_[2015.06.16_20.35.48] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_03.58_[2015.06.16_20.36.08] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_04.14_[2015.06.16_20.36.24] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_04.16_[2015.06.16_20.36.26]
Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_04.25_[2015.06.16_20.36.45] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_04.33_[2015.06.16_20.36.54] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_04.35_[2015.06.16_20.36.56] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_05.40_[2015.06.16_20.38.11]

Mika, believing that Yuu-chan should not trust the humans and must keep away from them nor from the vampires. While Ferid, proposed assistance in saving Yuu-chan and Crowley assisting in fighting the humans.

Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_05.49_[2015.06.16_20.38.34] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_06.15_[2015.06.16_20.39.00] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_06.26_[2015.06.16_20.39.11] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_08.33_[2015.06.16_20.41.18]
Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_08.50_[2015.06.16_20.41.35] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_08.57_[2015.06.16_20.41.42] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_08.59_[2015.06.16_20.41.44] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_09.07_[2015.06.16_20.41.52]

Having more nobles appear before them, Guren announced retreat trying to abandon Shinjuku. Yet, Yuu-chan can’t because Mika was there. While Mika, blinded in saving Yuu-chan, knows no one whoever they are.

Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_09.28_[2015.06.16_20.42.13] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_09.41_[2015.06.16_20.42.26]

Trying Yuu-chan and him run away from the battle, leaving Yuu-chan in conflict between him and his new found family. *fangirl mode activated*

Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_11.02_[2015.06.16_20.43.47] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_11.10_[2015.06.16_20.43.56] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_11.14_[2015.06.16_20.44.00] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_11.19_[2015.06.16_20.44.04]
Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_11.33_[2015.06.16_20.44.18] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_11.38_[2015.06.16_20.44.23] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_11.42_[2015.06.16_20.44.28] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_11.45_[2015.06.16_20.44.30]
Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_11.46_[2015.06.16_20.44.31] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_11.55_[2015.06.16_20.44.40] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_12.04_[2015.06.16_20.44.49] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_12.06_[2015.06.16_20.44.51]

Which will weigh more on him? his new found family or his former? Both families gave Yuu-chan hope the purpose of living even after each trials on his life. Even so, choosing one will be something so complicated for him.

Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_12.24_[2015.06.16_20.45.09] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_12.37_[2015.06.16_20.45.22] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_12.41_[2015.06.16_20.45.26] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_12.56_[2015.06.16_20.45.41] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_14.01_[2015.06.16_20.46.46]
Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_14.04_[2015.06.16_20.46.49] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_14.07_[2015.06.16_20.46.52] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_14.09_[2015.06.16_20.46.54] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_14.22_[2015.06.16_20.47.08] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_14.26_[2015.06.16_20.47.11]

Conflicted between two factions, made the trigger in activating the “non-human” part of Yuu-chan, the Seraph (or seraph of the end). In its incomplete state, the seraph was able to overtake Yuu-chan’s body.

Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_14.50_[2015.06.16_20.47.35] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_15.17_[2015.06.16_20.48.02] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_15.22_[2015.06.16_20.48.07] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_15.28_[2015.06.16_20.48.13]

Overtaken by the seraph, Yuu-chan out of his self, knows no one calling everyone sinners.

Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_16.37_[2015.06.16_20.49.22] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_17.08_[2015.06.16_20.49.53] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_17.28_[2015.06.16_20.50.29] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_17.29_[2015.06.16_20.50.14]
Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_17.42_[2015.06.16_20.50.43] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_17.44_[2015.06.16_20.50.45] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_17.55_[2015.06.16_20.50.56] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_18.06_[2015.06.16_20.51.07]

A frightened Shinoa, seeing Yuu-chan in such state, knowing the current him might kill everyone.

Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_18.09_[2015.06.16_20.51.10] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_18.23_[2015.06.16_20.51.24] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_18.24_[2015.06.16_20.51.25]
Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_18.35_[2015.06.16_20.51.36] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_18.45_[2015.06.16_20.51.46] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_18.56_[2015.06.16_20.51.57]

Yet, prevented by Mika, blocking the attack from Yuu-chan.

Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_19.02_[2015.06.16_20.52.03] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_19.04_[2015.06.16_20.52.05] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_19.11_[2015.06.16_20.52.12] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_19.14_[2015.06.16_20.52.15]
Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_19.23_[2015.06.16_20.52.24] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_19.37_[2015.06.16_20.52.38] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_19.54_[2015.06.16_20.52.55] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_20.07_[2015.06.16_20.53.08]

What measure should they do in bringing back Yuu-chan to a normal state?
Hugging Yuu-chan did the trick. Ohh a YuuNoa ship.

Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_20.12_[2015.06.16_20.53.13] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_20.22_[2015.06.16_20.53.23] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_20.24_[2015.06.16_20.53.25]
Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_20.36_[2015.06.16_20.53.37] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_21.16_[2015.06.16_20.54.17] Owari no Seraph 11.mkv_snapshot_21.21_[2015.06.16_20.54.22]

Afterall, everything is set to buy time for the backup, commanded by Kureto Hiiragi.

This episode is my favorite so far. Showing the reunion of Yuu-chan and Mika and the seraph. But what exactly is the seraph? As someone who read the manga, the seraph is a forbidden magic that could annihilate everything. Treated as a taboo by the vampires, Kururu Tepes (Krul Tepes) is interested on it. Yuu-chan someone who possesses the seraph yet not alone, because he is just one of the experimented children for the seraph, which is Mika also the same. I realized ONS concepts are somewhat similar to the real world. (1) Seraph being a greater apocalypse if completed activated by a similar pattern with the news around the world of the background noise of the Earth. (2) The apocalyptic virus that almost wiped the humans which is also a conspiracy in the real world. Is it just a coincidence, or Kagami-sensei adapted the true world conspiracies for this manga?

We have yet to hear the explanations of the seraph, because the series is cut in 2 seasons. Having the next on Fall.

Bonus: found on tumblr.


Ohh Yuu-chan, such a princess. XD


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