Arslan Senki Episode 12: A Knight’s Loyalty

We’re now on the half of Arslan Senki, I wonder how far will they cover the series?

Last time, I didn’t post a review about this because I just can’t bring my thoughts of the episode. But now, this is more worth to give some thoughts of it.

Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_03.11_[2015.06.22_20.00.04] Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_04.04_[2015.06.22_20.00.57]

Narsus, went on other way from Arslan to Peshawar thus, meeting the Zot clan. But what’s this? The Zot clan is on to battle the Lusitanians.

Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_04.07_[2015.06.22_20.01.00] Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_04.43_[2015.06.22_20.01.51]

Even so, Silvermask is way too strong for the chief of the Zot clan, slicing him in half. He’s fearless, isn’t he? :O

Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_05.58_[2015.06.22_20.03.34] Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_07.06_[2015.06.22_20.04.42]Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_09.27_[2015.06.22_20.07.14] Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_10.34_[2015.06.22_20.08.20]

Alfreed, the daughter of the chief tried to fight Silvermask in no succession. Thus, Narsus appeared saving the girl. And a sorcerer? So in the world of Arslan Senki, there is also magic. I think ancient people believe in magic.Β Maybe it does exist.

Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_16.15_[2015.06.22_20.14.02]

Meanwhile, in the palace, Guiscard pushed away Bodin, having some plans in his mind. What could that be? Does Guiscard plans to take over the throne and slowly removing people that are on his way?

Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_20.40_[2015.06.22_20.18.37] Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_21.02_[2015.06.22_20.18.58]

Back to Daryun, Arslan came to aid him while on their way to Peshawar. Kharlan’s son followed Daryun, aiming to kill him yet they failed. Daryun is strong enough to take over his army. And the sorcerer earlier, who tried to attack Arslan, get stroked by Daryun’s spear. So never make Daryun angry. He is willing to do everything for the Prince.Β He got some tremendous strength back there. XD

Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_22.58_[2015.06.22_20.21.06] Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_23.08_[2015.06.22_20.21.17]

With what Arslan showed, even if they’re on a struggle in heading to Peshawar, he still managed to aid Daryun. And so, making him show more of his Loyalty to him.

This episode hasn’t much to show. More battles, but we got to see something here, Sorcery. It wouldn’t be much of a surprise since that time in Persia. And what does Guiscard is planning, removing people on his way?

I’m still waiting for that moment where Arslan and Silvermask meet. Who would be the king?

Bonus: End Card

Arslan Senki 12.mkv_snapshot_24.58_[2015.06.22_20.23.39]


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