Kuroko no Basket S3 Episode 24: So It Was You

I’m skipping reviews lately on other series. Oh well, summer series are coming. πŸ˜€

Last time at Kuroko no Basket. Akashi felt defeat when Kagami defeated his zone. Thus, awakening his former self.

KnB S3 24 0171 KnB S3 24 0184KnB S3 24 0214 KnB S3 24 0217

The comeback of the old Akashi.

KnB S3 24 0257 KnB S3 24 0258KnB S3 24 0261 KnB S3 24 0266

The person whom they’ve playing with back then, the captain of the Generation of Miracles.

KnB S3 24 0304 KnB S3 24 0305KnB S3 24 0308 KnB S3 24 0313

Surprisingly, the change on Akashi, improved the Rakuzan. Not anymore a team that only thinks of victory.

KnB S3 24 0393 KnB S3 24 0398KnB S3 24 0432 KnB S3 24 0437

Also, with the overwhelming abilities of the other team members, Akashi’s zone spread throughout the team, thus, they enteredΒ the zone.

KnB S3 24 0687 KnB S3 24 0696
KnB S3 24 0694 KnB S3 24 0692
KnB S3 24 0690 KnB S3 24 0701

Meanwhile, on Seirin, running out of stamina and on the verge of losing, a voice gave them hope.

KnB S3 24 0767 KnB S3 24 0776

Ogiwara-kun, the best friend of Kuroko, turned again to basketball.Β There’s still hope. That face of Kuroko. *o*

KnB S3 24 0786 KnB S3 24 0824 KnB S3 24 0822 KnB S3 24 0819
KnB S3 24 0818 KnB S3 24 0816 KnB S3 24 0814 KnB S3 24 0812
KnB S3 24 0810 KnB S3 24 0808 KnB S3 24 0802 KnB S3 24 0799
KnB S3 24 0794 KnB S3 24 0826

Not only Ogiwara-kun, but all the teams that they have faced and all the people that supported them so far, shouted their support for Seirin.

KnB S3 24 0851Β KnB S3 24 0852

Again, Seirin vs. Rakuzan. πŸ˜€

KnB S3 24 0867 KnB S3 24 0871
KnB S3 24 0874 KnB S3 24 0887

But, Kagami realized, the person standing in front of the deeper zone, it was not a gatekeeper, but a person who will lead him.Β But, seriously? talking in the middle of a game? XD

KnB S3 24 1033 KnB S3 24 1092 KnB S3 24 1098 KnB S3 24 1116

It got turned tables again for the nth time huh?Β Ohh, Archer. I mean Aomine. XD

KnB S3 24 1323 KnB S3 24 1345

Even so, Akashi would still not want a total defeat. Using his Emperor Eye, again…

Seriously, this Seirin vs Rakuzan match is so overwhelming. They’re going in circles. Having a knock back everytime they fell down. But well, Akashi learned his lessons right. It’s not all about winning, he should enjoy it. The once person that guided the Generation of the Miracles came back. Who would be the victor in the end? Both teams still got their hopes up. πŸ˜€

Bonus: End Card

KnB S3 24.mkv_snapshot_24.09_[2015.06.21_21.14.34]


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