[Dailies] Manga: Loveless

Another BL manga to feature, but if anyone heard it and compared it to Boku no Pico, cut it out. This is different.

© Loveless / Yun Kouga / Ichijinsha

In his first day at his new school, a then twelve-year-old Ritsuka Aoyagi meets a mysterious twenty-year-old male named Soubi Agatsuma. Soubi claims to be a good friend of Ritsuka’s brother, Seimei, who was murdered 2 years earlier. Upon the inspection of Seimei’s abandoned computer files, Ritsuka discovers that an organization called ‘Septimal Moon’ (Nana no tsuki 七の月) was responsible for Seimei’s death.

As Ritsuka quickly discovers, Seimei and Soubi acted as a pair involved in spell battles invoked by carefully selected words. Now Soubi is Ritsuka’s ‘sentouki’, or Fighter Unit, and Ritsuka is his ‘Sacrifice’. Together, they challenge Septimal Moon to find out the truth behind Seimei’s murder and the reason for Ritsuka’s amnesia, and form an intimate bond as they unravel the mystery. (Source: wikipedia.org)

I haven’t read much of the manga up to the latest. I think the last one was in the volume 8. When I was looking for other decent BL anime several years ago, I found this. I watch through and through the anime but couldn’t get enough of the mystery that covers it. Then I decided to read the manga. It isn’t like any other kid-adult BL romance out there. It has more story into it. (I’m not mocking anything, I just don’t want this to be compared to *that*.) The mystery itself on Soubi, Ritsuka and the alleged dead brother of his, Seimei, is what drove mo to read it through. The manga answered my questions which I didn’t get in the anime.

If you’re looking for my reviews for the new season, I’m still preparing them. I’ll be covering the first and second episodes of the anime together. So wait it for it, ‘kay? XD

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