[New] Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace Episode 1 & 2

I mentioned this before on an earlier post, where I included a mystery detective series on my list. So here it is. My reviews are getting late. 😦


The story takes place at a certain middle school where several murder cases take place. Kobayashi, a boy who goes to this school, meets genius detective Akechi, who comes to the school to investigate. Kobayashi takes an interest in Akechi and, in spite of his friend Hashiba’s worries, he volunteers to be Akechi’s assistant. (Source: MyAnimeList.net)

Rampo Kitan, is an anime based on Rampo Edogawa’s detective series on Akechi Kogoro.


Rampo Kitan 01 0038 Rampo Kitan 01 0060 Rampo Kitan 01 0061
Rampo Kitan 01 0063 Rampo Kitan 01 0071 Rampo Kitan 01 0086

Opening Theme:

Rampo Kitan 01 0113 Rampo Kitan 01 0115 Rampo Kitan 01 0117 Rampo Kitan 01 0119 Rampo Kitan 01 0121 Rampo Kitan 01 0124 Rampo Kitan 01 0126 Rampo Kitan 01 0129 Rampo Kitan 01 0162 Rampo Kitan 01 0174 Rampo Kitan 01 0185

The first part, basically episode 1 & 2, is about the Human Chair, whereas the criminal turn its victim into a chair. This case is similar to an episode in Psycho-pass where Rikako Oryo turns her victim into a work of art.

Rampo Kitan 01 0254 Rampo Kitan 01 0223
Rampo Kitan 01 0237 Rampo Kitan 01 0242

Our protagonist, Yoshio Kobayashi (Rie Takahashi), got involved in the case where he became the suspect in killing their classroom adviser.

About him, I am surprised that Kobayashi was a “guy”. Despite on how he looks and just everything he shows, is somewhat feminine. Another trap, like in Aoharu x Kikanjuu’s Hotaru, but Kobayashi would not be on my trap list.

Rampo Kitan 01 0271 Rampo Kitan 01 0292
Rampo Kitan 01 0299 Rampo Kitan 01 0337
Rampo Kitan 01 0372 Rampo Kitan 01 0603

Following characters, Kagami (Katsuyuki Konishi) and Nakamura (Cho) are those who interrogated Kobayashi of the incident. Souji Hashiba (Daiki Yamashita), Kobayashi’s friend. Akechi Kogorou (Takahiro Sakurai), our detective protagonist of the series. And Hanabishi (Mai Nakahara), their new classroom adviser in replace of their dead adviser.

Rampo Kitan 01 0740 Rampo Kitan 01 0745
Rampo Kitan 01 0851 Rampo Kitan 01 0855
Rampo Kitan 01 1000 Rampo Kitan 01 1050
Rampo Kitan 01 1211 Rampo Kitan 01 1214

Kobayashi, despite being a suspect on the case, he was rather calm and showing excitement. Who would do such a thing? Anyway, he showed his true nature, where he was indeed interested and requested to be Akechi’s assistant. For him, the incident gave him a reason for something fun to do. And Akechi challenged him if Kobayashi can solve his own case.

Rampo Kitan 02 0240 Rampo Kitan 02 0248
Rampo Kitan 02 0255 Rampo Kitan 02 0286
Rampo Kitan 02 0298 Rampo Kitan 02 0348
Rampo Kitan 02 0526 Rampo Kitan 02 0527

As the story continues, Kobayashi was detained by the police when he went to Akechi’s place. But then, he seek helped in Hashiba to know the real culprit. Hashiba cooperated with their classroom adviser for Kobayashi’s request.

Rampo Kitan 02 0576 Rampo Kitan 02 0597
Rampo Kitan 02 0641 Rampo Kitan 02 0674
Rampo Kitan 02 0879 Rampo Kitan 02 0895
Rampo Kitan 02 0946 Rampo Kitan 02 1020

In successful, Kobayashi was able to analyze that the real culprit was one of their classmates. I don’t really have sense nor my brain works when it comes to solving mystery, so I just watch and see what will happen next. haha.

Rampo Kitan 02 1249 Rampo Kitan 02 1254
Rampo Kitan 02 1276 Rampo Kitan 02 1293

Kobayashi, successfully solving his own case, Akechi acknowledged Kobayashi and gave him access.

This anime, which based on a mystery novel, though we commonly had the same type of anime, they just don’t get old. It is only a matter on how these mysteries are made and solved. I don’t know much about Edogawa Rampo’s novels, but I believe that in our first look of this anime, this case is indeed portrayed right. We hope to see a lot more better and harder cases to solve.


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